10 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Toddlers

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Do you really think all toddlers do is eat, cry and sleep? Well, you’ll be surprised how amazing they are. In fact, their whole journey from conception to being in the womb to birth is full of, what you may call, miracles. Here are 10 fascinating facts about your toddler.

A boy playing with his brother

1. Cute by Design1

Your toddler’s cute little nose, large beady eyes and even the chubby little limbs are smart design of evolution to incite strong feelings of love and protection. Did you know that right after birth, the baby’s pupils dilate? It’s a sign that they find you beautiful and it helps parents fall in love with their baby immediately.

2. Toddlers Have Better Hearing

A baby’s hearing even within just 10 minutes of birth is good enough that they can tell where a sound is coming from. Hearing in toddlers is much better than in adults, thanks to their relatively newer ears. They can pick up higher frequencies of sounds that adults just automatically learn to tune out.

3. They Grow Up So Fast

Every parent has said this at some point of time and its true in every sense of the word. If kids continue to grow at the rate with which they do in the first year, they will be 170 feet tall by adulthood! The first 6 years are very important for a child’s growth, which is why it is of utmost importance that they get proper nutrition that aids their growth and development.

4. They Have A Lot of Energy

You might find yourself wondering how much energy your toddler has, but you probably aren’t even close. An average toddler expends the same amount of energy as an adult, if the said adult ran 30 miles!

5. Toddlers Are Most Active At 2

Ever heard the expression “terrible twos”? It comes from two main things that kids do at this age. Firstly, they are most active now than they will ever be again. Secondly, it’s also the age when they are in-between being dependent on parents and learning independence. So, they might be crying for your attention at one moment and running away from you the very next.

6. They Start with Being Ambidextrous

Kids start with using both hands equally and just as proficiently. Somewhere between 2 and 3 years, they start preferring one hand over the other. 

7. They Have More Brain Synapses Than Adults2

A child’s brain develops faster between birth to 3 years of age than any other time. In fact, by the time they are 3, they have 1000 trillion brain connections, which is twice as many as adults

8. Learn Something New Every Day

At around 18 months of age, toddlers go through what many call ‘word spurt’ where they start learning new words very quickly. An average 2-year-old learns about five new words of varying difficulty, every day.

9. They Love Human Speech

We know that toddlers love repeating and imitating things that they hear around them but it’s not without a filter. They love human speech which is why they imitate words rather than random noises like phone ringing.

10. Genetics and Environment Play Equal Parts

While genetics play an important role in how the child turns out, it’s not the only force in play. Environmental variables also affect how the child develops. For example, genetically a child might be predisposed to grow tall but if he/she doesn’t get proper nutrition, he/she might not reach the full potential.

Toddlers are full of potential, ready to grow and learn. This is where they require your intervention in the form of care and proper nutrition. But despite your best efforts, sometimes kids just don’t eat everything they should. Moreover, certain nutrients, are very rare in food sources. So, what do you do? Adding Junior Horlicks# to their daily diet is a good place to start. It contains nutrients like Choline, Iron, Iodine, etc., which are known to support brain development, as well as calcium, Vitamin D, vitamin K & Protein which are known to support physical growth and development. It also contains nutrients such as Vit E, A, selenium & copper to support healthy immune function.

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