Junior Horlicks - Healthy Drink For Kids

How Junior
Horlicks Helps?

Designed for children of ages 2-6, Junior Horlicks helps your little fussy eater get A to Z nutrition!

Weight Gain


Brain Develppment


Brain Develppment


Horlicks Nutrimeter

Horlicks Nutrimeter

Use the Horlicks Nutrimeter diet assessment tool to find out if your child is getting the nutrition they need for their overall growth and development.

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The Science Inside

Junior Horlicks helps your toddler with complete nutrition! It contains nutrients known to support a toddler’s brain development, physical growth & immune function.

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Your toddler's nutrition & development

Toddler Nutrition & Development

A child's growth depends on their intake of the right nutrients. These nutrients help in their growth and the development of crucial skills.

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Delicious Junior
Horlicks Flavours

Not even the Fussiest eaters will be able to resist Junior Horlicks' delicious Vanilla and Chocolate Flavours!


More About Your Toddler's Health & Nutrition

Here are the answers to your questions regarding your toddler's growth & development journey to help you make the right choices!

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