Horlicks - The Best Energy Drink in India

How Horlicks

Horlicks, made from Milk, Wheat and 27 vital nutrients, helps children become taller, stronger and sharper. Let them continue to amaze you with their growth!

More Bone Area

Bone Area

More Muscles


Better Concentration


Childs nutrition score

Horlicks Nutrimeter

Use the Horlicks Nutrimeter diet assessment tool to find out if your child is getting the nutrition they need for their overall growth and development.

The Science Inside

Horlicks contains nutrients that get absorbed in the blood and reach all parts of the body. These nutrients are utilised for all-round growth and development.

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Child Nutrition & Development

The right nutrition is vital for a child's growth. It is important for the development of bone area, muscle mass and enhanced concentration.

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Delicious Horlicks

Available in two yummy flavours - Classic Malt and Chocolate Delight Flavour, so there's no compromise on nutrition and taste!

More About Your Child's Health &

Here's the information you need to support your child's growth and development journey to reach their full potential.

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