Bone Health and You
Bone Health and You

Bone Health & You

Am I At A Risk Of Bone Loss?

Bones form a framework that supports and protects the body’s internal structure, which is why maintaining them is extremely important. Healthy bones require good food habits, exercise and a high calcium intake, amongst other things. Calcium helps with faster bone formation, however, as one grows older, this renewal process declines gradually. When the body breaks down old bones faster than it can make new ones, you experience bone loss - this leads to an increased risk of developing fragile bones. Horlicks Women’s Plus with advanced #CALSEAL™ formula meets 100% of your daily requirement of 3 proven bone nutrients - Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 which help keep your bones healthy and strong.

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Did You Know?

Your Bone Mineral Density Declines After 30

Bones are living tissues that goes through a natural renewal process, but this declines after the age of 30, leading to low bone mass density and fragile bones.

Get Strong to The Bone

Get Strong To The Bone

Making some small changes and ensuring you receive adequate nutrition daily, will enable you to carry on enjoying the things in life all women love.

Find out some helpful tips on improving your habits to achieve healthier and stronger bones.

Stand Strong


Taapsee and Horlicks Women’s Plus #StandStrong together.

Indian women no longer have to compromise on following their passions. The only thing that can hold us back is ourselves. We need our bodies to keep up with our determination. 

Myths vs. Facts

Want to know more about bone health? Here are some common myths about your bone health.


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