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Why Horlicks Protein Plus?

For every 1kg of body weight, you need 1g of protein daily^. Horlicks Protein Plus helps in providing ~30% of your daily protein need*.

Protein in 100g

in 100g

PDCAAS for Protein


Protein for Strength

for Strength

With Triple Protein Blend

With Triple Protein Blend

Horlicks Protein Plus contains a blend of high-quality proteins-Whey, casein and soy. They have Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 1 – the highest protein quality score#.

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Protein And Your Fitness

Protein And Your Fitness

An optimal intake of high-quality proteins, regular activity, and adopting certain lifestyle habits will help you maintain muscle mass and support strength.

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Delicious Protein Plus Flavours

Get your dose of high-quality protein in two delicious flavours - Vanilla and Chocolate! 

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

You need 1g of protein daily for every kg of body weight^. Indian daily diet may be insufficient to provide high quality protein1. Hence supplementation can help fulfil this dietary gap.

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Horlicks Protein Plus

Horlicks Protein Plus For All Your Protein Needs

After 30, there is a gradual decline in muscle mass and strength. Horlicks Protein Plus is a rich source of protein that supports the growth of muscle mass. 

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Spot the Signs of Protein Deficiency

Spot The Signs Of Protein Deficiency

Identifying earliest signs of protein deficiency and then taking active steps to add sufficient protein to the daily diet can be really beneficial for you.

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What time of the day is it best to take protein

What Time Of The Day Is It Best To Take Protein

Food can affect your body differently depending on the time of consumption, and it's important to know about the best time to take your daily dose of protein.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Take 200 ml of lukewarm milk (cow’s or buffalo’s milk). Add 30 g (Approx. 3 heaped spoonful or 2 levelled scoops) of Horlicks Protein Plus. Stir well until it dissolves completely.

    Note: Do not add very hot (>65°C) or boiling milk - this may lead to coagulation of whey protein.

  • It is recommended to consume 30g (Approx. 3 heaped spoonful or 2 levelled scoops) of Horlicks Protein Plus once a day in addition to your regular diet.

  • Horlicks Protein Plus is designed for healthy adults who are 30 years and older.

  • No Horlicks Protein Plus is not recommended for children. Unilever has products in our portfolio like Horlicks and Junior Horlicks which have been especially designed to meet the nutritional needs of children at different stages of development.

  • Horlicks Protein Plus is a nourishing beverage which can be consumed continuously along with your regular diet. If you have any specific queries or concerns pertaining to the suitability of this product for you then please consult your doctor or nutritionist before use.