The 2nd Trimester: Getting Comfortable With Pregnancy

Congratulations on completing the first phase of your journey of motherhood – your first trimester! We know the first trimester can be a little difficult for many women. But now with initial hiccups behind you, step into your second trimester with a big smile!

The second trimester is all about getting comfortable with the pregnancy. Your energy levels will begin to go back to normal and you will feel more at ease with changes happening in your body.  Be sure to incorporate mindful breathing and relaxation techniques in your routine and you will feel more and more like your previous self.

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Eat Right, Eat Well!

By now you must have heard this a million times already, but we will say it anyway – it is extremely important to eat right during your pregnancy. The second trimester brings with it a spurt of growth in your baby. The eyebrows, eyelashes, hair and nails will begin to form. The baby’s eyelids remain close, but the eyes show definite movement. During this time, your baby will also begin to respond to loud sounds.1 Exciting, right?

You can support your baby’s growth by having a balanced diet that is an optimal mix of Protein and Calcium. Protein will help in the tissue development of the baby and in the repairing of your own muscles, whereas Calcium will take care of the baby’s growing bones and milk teeth.2 Apart from protein and calcium you will also need DHA, Choline and Folic Acid among other vital nutrients.3

Find a balance between eating healthy food in the right quantity and eating foods that you crave for. Doubling your food intake during your pregnancy is ill-founded advice and never a good idea as the excess weight gain can cause unnecessary complications towards the end. It is recommended to eat an extra 200 to 300 kcal a day and to gain about 450g a week in the second trimester.4

Comfort Over Everything Else.

The second trimester is filled with little moments of joy. Watching your baby grow inside you, looking at the little hands and feet take shape is one of the most gratifying moments of pregnancy. While this time will give you ample opportunities to celebrate, it is important to give your comfort a priority as your body undergoes a multitude of changes.

Your baby’s rapid growth will begin to strain your back and it will need constant support. Avoid lifting anything relatively heavy, try to sit up straight and sleep sideways with a pillow in between the legs. You will also need some cushioning to support your growing breasts. Adding a few comfortable and supportive sports bras to your collection is a good idea.

The First Kick

During your second trimester, your baby’s muscles will begin to get stronger. Feeling your baby moving in the womb, kicking, wriggling and twisting is one of the biggest thrills of pregnancy. Every kick will fill you with affection and overwhelming love for the little life growing inside you.


By the end of your second trimester, your baby will start responding to sound by changing its pulse. You may also sense tiny little jerks when the baby hiccups.5 Around this time your uterus begins to move towards the birth canal, relieving the pressure on your bladder. As a result, frequent visits to the loo will also reduce significantly.

Many women experience frequent constipation, occasional nose bleeds and tiny red veins become visible on the stomach and skin. There is nothing to be worried about as these changes are completely natural.6 You simply must make sure that you keep up with a balanced diet and in just 3 more months you will finally be holding your baby in your arms!

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