The 1st Trimester: Baby Steps

Motherhood is a journey that presents a beautiful phase in the life of a woman. If you have just found out that you are pregnant, you are probably just as anxious as you are excited. When you feel that way, you may get easily swayed. However, it is integral to remember that all is going to be okay. Sure, it may be a bumpy ride. However, the right lifestyle choices will play a vital role in easing your path.

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Baby Steps In The 1st Trimester

Do you remember the first time you found out about your pregnancy? The pregnancy test, the nerve-wracking discovery, the announcement to your partner - all of those instances come together to present cherished memories and moments of joy.

 Hold on to those moments as you begin your journey as an expectant mother. You will need these little reminders and motivations as you come across obstacles and challenges that pregnancy tends to bring. The initial challenges often come in the form of nausea, headaches, and lethargy. These symptoms will likely show up in the first trimester itself.

A widely acclaimed tip used to deal with these symptoms is by sniffing lemons.1 As quirky and intriguing as it may be, it tends to keep morning sickness at bay. 

Along with such homemade tips and tricks, it is ideal that you incorporate plenty of rest and meals. These meals should be healthy and filling. By eating right, you provide your body with an optimal mix of essential vitamins and nutrients. With that, you can ensure that you and your baby are both receiving sufficient nourishment every day. That, in turn, will allow for the ideal growth and development of the baby across all stages.

Growth And Development Across The Stages

Each stage presents an essential point of development in the life of the baby. That is why it pays off to keep track of the various stages and ensure you are doing the best you can for each one.

To give you a breakdown,

  • Your baby’s heart begins to develop from the third week and the heartbeat is audible from the second or third month.
  • The brain and spinal cord of the baby come to be in the second or third month.
  • Once the brain is fully developed, it begins to function efficiently and sends signals for involuntary movements. That occurs in the third month. 2

As the baby continues to grow, it will increase from the size of a rice grain, into an active, soon-to-be-kicking baby. Their hearts will grow stronger, brains will grow larger, and they will develop into their own entity. That process requires a great deal of care, effort, and nourishment. Give it your best at all times and ensure that they are getting the uncompromised nourishment they need as they cross each stage of their journey.

Adopting A Healthy Balanced Diet

To effectively cater to all of these stages, health experts globally recommend that you look into adopting a healthy balanced diet. A balanced diet brings an optimal mix of green leafy vegetables as well as eggs, walnuts, fish, and mushrooms. The green leafy vegetables provide a healthy intake of folic acid which aids in neural development, whereas the others are rich in DHA, and play an integral role in the baby’s brain development.

A balanced diet also allows for the incorporation of comfort food to account for pregnancy cravings. Along with the mentioned foods and ingredients, you should also look into including plenty of water and important nutritional supplements such as Horlicks Mother’s Plus to your diet. It provides Protein, DHA, Choline and 25 other vital nutrients that are important for a healthy pregnancy and the development of the baby. They will ensure that you are receiving the correct intake of hydration and nourishment, every day!

In all, remember that motherhood is a rewarding journey - one that takes you through a variety of obstacles and challenges along with several moments of joy!

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