Avoid A High Sugar Diet During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy presents a variety of new opportunities for expectant mothers. You carry a new life within you, give birth, you become a mother. Naturally, these opportunities tend to bring with them the responsibility of giving the best to your baby.

An important way to do that is by ensuring that you partake in the recommended nourishment for the proper growth and development of the baby. For a pregnant woman, a balanced and nutritious diet should involve proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats, along with iron and folic acid. It is also advised that you keep a check on your sugar intake and avoid consuming high amounts of sugar.

Pregnant Women Drinking High Sugar Content Juice

Risks of high added sugar content in an expectant mother’s diet

  • It increases the likelihood of mothers getting gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia
  • It strengthens the chances of the baby being overweight in childhood
  • The baby may be likely to go through premature birth
  • It can increase the likelihood of allergy and allergic asthma in the baby
  • High blood sugar in a mother heightens the risks of congenital heart defects in the baby

Thus, it is quite evident that high blood sugar during pregnancy can be harmful to the child. On the other hand, a low sugar diet not only lends a role in good health for the child but also aids healthy pregnancy weight gain for the mother. That is why doctors strongly suggest a diet with no added sugar for pregnant women.


Along with a diet low in sugar, health experts recommend expectant mothers consume an optimal mix of nutrients and vitamins from the food groups mentioned below:

  • Whole Grains

Grains like wheat, oats, barley, quinoa, and brown rice are required in their unprocessed or “whole grain” forms. They provide carbohydrates and fiber to the body.

  • Fruits & Vegetables

Almost all fresh fruits are great during pregnancy and provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to the body while also satiating sweet cravings. A mixture of dark green, orange, starchy, and other vegetables provides a balance of nutrients during pregnancy.

  • Dairy

Pasteurized, and low or fat-free milk and milk products like cheese, and yogurt, provide Calcium and Vitamins. Fortified milk also provides expecting mothers with essential Vitamin D.

  • Meats

Foods like lean or low-fat meat, poultry, seafood, and fortified foods can help meet the iron requirements in the diet. Iron is very important as it helps the red blood cells in delivering oxygen and nutrition to the baby.

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DHA For Brain Development

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