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The Science Inside Lite Horlicks

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The Science Of Healthy Living with Lite Horlicks
The Science Of Healthy Living

Everyday stress factors on the outside may cause cell damage. Modern lifestyle and bad eating habits may cause stress. The daily stress factors that impact you release free radicals in the body which may cause cell damage. Excessive cell damage may be cause of some health problems. Lite Horlicks contains Nutrients known to help protect from damage caused by Stress factors:

6 Antioxidant Nutrients

6 Antioxidant Nutrients

Lite Horlicks contains 6 Antioxidant Nutrients - Vitamin C, Vitamin E Vitamin B2, Zinc, Copper and Selenium that are known to support the antioxidant defenses of the body. These Antioxidant nutrients~ are known to neutralize the free radicals and protect the cells from damage.

High Protein

High Protein

Lite Horlicks has High Protein content – Protein is known to help cell maintenance and repair.

Zero Cholesterol and No Added Sugar

Zero Cholesterol And No Added Sugar

Lite Horlicks has No Added Sugar* and Zero Cholesterol^ for Active adults. High Cholesterol^ intake may increase blood lipid content. Zero Cholesterol intake can contribute to a healthy diet.

Stress factors

Stress Factors May Be One Of The Reasons Behind Your Fatigue And Can Make You Age Faster

Tensions at the workplace or demanding household chores increase stress levels in the body leading to poor health. High-stress levels can sensitize the neuro-endocrine system of the body, impairing the functioning of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenal gland#. Long-term mental stress factors speed up the natural ageing process by causing damage to body tissues.+