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Adults need a wide range of nutrients to lead a healthy and active life. Our body needs them to maintain constant body weight and to ensure proper body function. The required nutrients for different physiological groups can only be derived from a well-balanced diet. The absence of a well-balanced diet can lead to gaps in nutrition and impact healthy immune function. It is also important to keep your stress levels in check as stress factors may lead to poor health and make you age faster.

Gaps In Adult Nutrition

The limited availability of vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) in one’s diet may result in gaps in nutrition. Our bodies may not always completely utilize nutrients from the food we consume. An inadequate quantity of vitamins and minerals in one’s diet may result in deficiencies with no visible symptoms, affecting their health in the long-term. Multiple factors determine the availability of these vitamins and minerals in our diet.

Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin A are commonly lost during the cooking and processing of food4. Calcium, Iron and Zinc, when ingested, are not completely absorbed by the body and only a fraction of the total quantity is made available for utilization5. Antioxidants such as phytic acid, oxalates,flavonoids, and tannins can interfere with the absorption of micronutrients such as iron, zinc and calcium5. Inadequate consumption of key micronutrients is common amongst young adults in India.

Almost all individuals on vegetarian diets consume less than 50% of their recommended iron intake6

  • 7 in 10 consume less than 50% of their recommended Zinc intake6
  • 4 in 10 have a deficient Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) intake6
  • 5 in 10 have an insufficient Vitamin A intake6
  • 3 in 10 have an insufficient Vitamin C intake6
Lite Horlicks

Lite Horlicks is rich in B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Zinc and helps fill gaps in nutrition.

Healthy Immune Function.

Friendly bacteria present in the intestines improve immunity. The human gut is home to about 10 good bacteria, which help maintain healthy immune function7,8 of our body. Good bacteria present in the human intestines protect against disease-causing microorganisms.

By not allowing them to multiply and grow in number.

By consuming their share of nutrition (nutrient competition).

By production of factors that fight these microorganisms.

Unhealthy food choices can affect immunity adversely.

7 in 10 adults in India consume unhealthy snacks everyday9.

Foods high in fat and sugar can adversely affect the number of good bacteria in the intestines10.

Junk food can adversely alter the number of good bacteria in the intestines within 24 hours11.

A balanced diet rich in micronutrients can provide a healthy environment for the growth and proliferation of good bacteria in the intestines (gut flora)8.

Lite Horlicks is rich in Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and minerals such as Zinc, Selenium, Copper, which are nutrients known to help support healthy immune function.

Lite Horlicks

Lite Horlicks

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Zero Cholesterol

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13g Of Protein Per 100g

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DHA For Brain Development