Horlicks Diabetes Plus  - Sugar Free Protein Powder

How Horlicks Diabetes Plus Helps?

A fiber rich diet helps maintain blood sugar levels. Horlicks Diabetes Plus has high fiber, NUTRIOSE® & FIBERSOL that help manage glucose, cholesterol & lipids in blood.

weight management

Supports Dietary Management of Diabetic Individuals

Cholestrol -

Helps Manage Blood Sugar~* 

No Sugar

Helps Reduce Cholesterol~#

No Sugar

Supports Weight Management~$

Dual Blend High Fibre

Dual Blend High Fibre

Understand how ^NUTRIOSE® and FIBERSOL in Horlicks Diabetes Plus work to help manage sugar levels and promote satiety.

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Other Benefitsof Diabetes Plus

Other Benefits Of Diabetes Plus

Packed with high-protein and no added sugar*, Horlicks Diabetes Plus, also helps with #cholesterol and $weight management.

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Delicious Diabetes Plus!

The goodness of Fiber & Protein in a delightful Vanilla flavoured drink! 

Know More About Diabetes Management

Many diabetics live healthy lives by committing to a nutritious diet & active lifestyle. Regular testing can keep you updated on your health condition, and help prevent and manage Diabetes.

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Early Signs of Diabetes to Watch Out for

Early Signs Of Diabetes To Watch Out For

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Managing Diabetes Through Your Diet

Managing Diabetes Through Your Diet

For diabetics, a healthy diet is crucial. But a diabetes-friendly diet needn't be boring. The catch is to get timing and quantity right.

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Does my lifestyle affect my blood sugar levels?

Does My Lifestyle Affect My Blood Sugar Levels?

Many lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep quality,. caffeine, alcohol and more affect your blood sugar levels, yet they can be too easy to ignore

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