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Milk is the first food any child is introduced to. It is a powerful food that promotes rapid growth and development, boosts your child's immunity, and aids brain development. It contains a variety of important nutrients that are beneficial to babies, toddlers, and developing children. A glass of milk or other milk products like cheese, or a bowl of yoghurt, can help your child develop and grow.

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Nutrients present in milk

Milk and its products are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and are among the most nutrient-dense foods available to humans. Casein and whey proteins, found in milk, are high-quality proteins that aid in bone and muscle growth. Casein also aids the body's absorption of minerals like phosphorus and calcium and accounts for 80% of milk proteins. Whey accounts for the remaining 20% of the milk proteins.

Milk is also loaded with several other vital nutrients such as:

  • Calcium and Phosphorous – supports bone and teeth development.
  • Vitamin D – Apart from sun exposure, milk is one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, which plays an important role in bone health.
  • Vitamin B12 – helps in keeping the nerve cells and red blood cells healthy.
  • Potassium – maintains healthy blood pressure.
  • Vitamin A – boosts immunity.
  • Vitamins B2 and B3 – efficient conversion of food into energy.

How to make milk more palatable

Milk is filled with multiple vital nutrients but most children dislike drinking their normal glass of milk. This is a cause of concern for all parents. Your kid, who seemed to enjoy the taste of breastmilk and perhaps most likely threw a tantrum when you tried to wean them off breastfeeding, is now throwing a tantrum at the mention of milk. This is because breastmilk and cow milk have entirely different tastes and smells.

However, trying to force your child to drink milk will make them dislike it more. If your child is going through a picky-eating phase, you need to think outside the box and develop new ways to integrate milk and milk products into their diet.

Here Are A Few Ways In Which You Can Make Milk More Appealing To Your Child

Flavoured Health Drinks for Kids

●  Add some flavour

This is one of the most straightforward methods for making milk more appealing to your child. Make a list of your child's favourite flavours and try adding them to milk. Switch it up with fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, sugar, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, etc. that will make their eyes twinkle with delight!

Another way of adding flavour to milk and meeting your child’s daily nutrient needs is by choosing a nourishing drink like Horlicks, made with the goodness of milk, wheat and 27 vital nutrients. The nutritional drink for kids comes laden with Vitamin B6, B12, C, D, copper, folic acid, iron, Selenium and zinc which are known to support immunity.

Go the cereal way

Breakfast cereals are an excellent way to ensure that your child consumes the recommended amount of milk per day. They are filling and come in a range of flavours making the milk taste better. You can gradually increase the amount of milk in the bowl, and your child will not notice the difference and will happily drink the remaining flavoured milk.

• Make a smoothie

Blend fresh seasonal fruits, milk, and a couple of spoonfuls of yoghurt. This dense, creamy, and vibrant glass of smoothie, overflowing with flavour, is sure to increase your child's interest in drinking milk. It also ensures that your child consumes fruits that are in season. It's a complete win-win situation!

• Play around with different milk products

If, in case your child is fussy and refuses milk every morning, you can add a variety of other milk products to their diet to spice things up a bit. A bowl of yoghurt, cheese, paneer, even shrikhand or lassi – whatever makes your child happy.

  • Make ice lollies
  • Blend their favourite fresh fruits with some milk, add a natural sweetener such as honey (if required) and freeze them in ice-cream molds.
  • Fruity, milky, icy lollies make for a great snack during summertime. Your kids will love it!
  • Froth their milk

Another simple but successful way to ensure they drink their milk without fuss is to add an exciting texture to their regular glass of milk. A milk frother is a low-cost appliance that is readily available these days. It will keep your child interested, regardless of the milk being hot or cold.

● Milk-based dishes

Breakfast with a glass of milk isn't the only way to get your kid to drink milk. Adding a milk-based dish like kheer, payasam, phirni, or kulfi, now and then, will keep things interesting.

● Make it a storytime

When your child is eating breakfast, keep them engrossed in an entertaining story to ensure that they finish everything on their plate and drink the last drop of milk in their bottle. This activity will also reinforce your bond with your child.

Making sure your child not only drinks milk but also enjoys it every morning can be a challenge, especially when they are fussy. To ensure that your child receives the proper nutrition from milk and its products, try these fun strategies.

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