3 Prerequisites For Choosing Your Protein Drink

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As you enter your 30s, health and fitness must become a priority. Nothing is truer than “You are what you eat”, and among the many things you do for your health, take some time to assess your diet and check if you are getting adequate quantities of key nutrients.

Critical among these nutrients, is protein. Being an important component of muscles, enzymes and hormones, protein is important for all the bodily functions and essential for good health. It helps maintain muscle health and reduces fatigue. However, studies have shown that 9 out of 10 Indians have a protein deficient diet1. So, adding a high protein drink to your daily diet, is an excellent way to increase your protein intake for the day.

It Is Important To Look For The Following Three Things While Choosing The Perfect Protein Drink For Yourself

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Quantity Of Protein

Did you know for every 1 kg of body weight, you need 1 g protein daily*? The average Indian diet may be insufficient in providing the high-quality protein needed. Horlicks Protein Plus is a scientifically designed formulation that helps in providing ~30% of your daily protein need^.

*With 200ml of cow/buffalo milk. Horlicks Protein Plus is a nourishing beverage to be consumed as a part of a daily diet. Blend of 3 High Quality Proteins (Whey, Soy, Casein). ^ICMR RDAs 2010 for protein (sedentary adult men).


Quality of Protein 

Horlicks Protein Plus contains 3 high quality proteins – Soy, Whey & Casein with PDCAAS (Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score) of 1, which is the highest score possible as an indicator of protein quality.

Sugar Content 

The World Health Organization recommends reducing the intake of free sugars in every stage of life. In adults, it is Even more important as a way to control important to control unhealthy weight gain and prevent secondary diseases2. So, if you are trying to cut down sugar across your diet, make sure you choose a protein drink with lower or no added sugar#. The Nutritional Factoid Table at the back of the pack will help you check the sugar# content of different protein drinks. 

The next time you buy your protein drink, keep these things in mind, make an informed choice and zero compromise when choosing your protein drink. Here's to a fitter you! 

Horlicks Protein Plus

Horlicks Protein Plus

Protein in 100g

in 100g

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Protein For Healthy Birth Weight

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