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How Does Horlicks Diabetes Plus Help in Diabetes Management?

In Diabetes self-management, critical parameters including blood sugar level, cholesterol, and lipids in blood need to be monitored regularly.  A high-fiber and high-protein diet is proven to help manage all these parameters effectively, keeping them in range. Horlicks Diabetes Plus contains a Dual Blend High Fibre formula in addition to high protein and no added sugar. Making it a part of your daily diet will not only slow down sugar absorption but also promote satiety.

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Healthy cholesterol levels and Horlicks Diabetes Plus

Managing Diabetes Through Your Diet

A balanced diet with low-fat content and fewer calories as well as an exercise regime primarily helps in diabetes management. A diabetic-friendly diet need not necessarily be too different from that of a regular healthy person.

Know Your Protein Sources

High-Fibre Diet And Weight Management

In the immediate term, a high-fibre diet helps stabilise blood sugar levels after every meal. It also promotes greater satiety. This means your hunger pangs will be kept at bay, and your overall calorie intake will reduce.

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The Effect Of A High Protein Diet On Diabetes

Protein takes a longer time to digest. Hence, it makes you feel full for longer periods of time and reduces your appetite. A high protein diet not only improves muscle mass, but also lowers blood pressure and blood glucose.

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Give Horlicks Diabetes Plus Your Own Twist!

Is your diabetic meal plan getting mundane? Whip up these easy and tasty recipes with Horlicks Diabetes Plus to make your meal plan more interesting.