The Science Inside
The Science Inside Horlicks Diabetes PLUS

The Science Inside Horlicks Diabetes Plus

Benefit's of Horlicks Diabetes Plus

How Does The Dual Blend High Fibre Formula Work?
Dual Blend High Fibre

Did you know a high-fiber diet is proven to be beneficial in diabetes management? Or that up to 9/10 Indians don't get their required daily intake of fiber? It is not just the presence of sugar, but also the absence of fiber in diets that impacts blood sugar control.


Horlicks Diabetes Plus is a nutritional supplement for diabetics as well as at-risk individuals who have just begun the Diabetes journey. Here’s how the Dual Blend High Fibre formula with NUTRIOSE and FIBERSOL helps:

Nutriose Reduces Caloric

Nutriose Reduces Caloric Intake And Hunger

NUTRIOSE forms a viscous gel in the stomach which delays the passage of food to the intestine. This helps the body feel fuller for a longer time

Fibersol Reduces Blood Sugar

Fibersol Reduces Blood Sugar Spikes

FIBERSOL combines with the food in the stomach. Glucose molecules get trapped in the viscous gel as it passes to the intestines. This releases glucose slowly from the food, thereby delaying glucose absorption.

Horlicks Diabetes Plus - Fulfils 26% Of Your Daily Fiber Requirement
Horlicks Diabetes
  • The average adult requires 25g of fibre per day.
  • 2 levelled scoops (30g) of Horlicks Diabetes plus once a day is recommended.
  • The recommended serve of Horlicks Diabetes Plus contains 26% of your daily fibre# requirement