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Why Is Horlicks Protein Plus Mobile Banner
Why Is Horlicks Protein Plus Banner

Why Is Horlicks Protein+ A Good Option To Meet Your Protein Needs?

Did you know that there is a subsequent decline in muscle mass and strength after 30 years of life? In fact, there is an increased tendency to lose around 3-8% of the muscle mass per decade after the age of 301. The importance of healthy muscles cannot be ignored as they are responsible for all body movements. Given this, it only makes sense to take regular care of our body muscles through nutrition and physical activity.

But worry not. This decline can be reduced by adopting healthy lifestyle habits, regular physical activity and by taking an optimal amount of high-quality proteins2. While we try to include good protein sources in our diet, our daily diet may still be falling short of the recommended dosage of Protein3.

So, a major problem is how to get the right amount and right quantity and quality blend of protein that is important for maintaining muscle health. This is where with your daily diet, Horlicks Protein+* can help you. comes into the picture. It is a health food drink with a triple blend of soy, whey and casein proteins. Horlicks Protein+ has a blend of proteins that provide all 8 essential amino acids. 

Here is how Horlicks Protein+ is a good health choice: 

Benefits Of Horlicks

Horlicks Protein+ has benefits of whey, soy and casein protein and is rich in good quality protein to support a growth in muscle mass. These proteins contain nine essential amino acids that cannot be produced by our body and need to be taken through diet. These essential amino acids are necessary for building and maintaining muscle mass. 

The individual benefits of three proteins make it a perfect support for continued muscle growth and maintenance. Whey has fast releases, soy intermediate release, and casein releases slowly.

Protein Quantity And Quality

A score called PDCAAS measures the quality of protein. The PDCAAS score for all the three proteins (Whey, Soy and Casein,) in Horlicks Protein+ is 1, the highest score possible on this scale. This makes it a highly recommended protein of high quality. It contains 34% protein and is rich in 13 micronutrients including 12 vitamins and 1 mineral.

Horlicks Protein+ is a versatile health food drink which is low in fat. Apart from milk, it can be added to dessert recipes like protein bars to increase their nutritional value and enhanced taste. It is easy to consume due to its powder form and makes a smooth and yummy protein shake too. It is available in delicious chocolate and vanilla flavours. So, include Horlicks Protein+ in your diet plan and enjoy the benefits of the triple blend. 

*Horlicks Protein+ is a nourishing beverage to be consumed as a part of a healthy and varied diet.