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Check Yourself For These Symptoms Of Protein Deficiency
Check Yourself For These Symptoms Of Protein Deficiency

Check Yourself For These Symptoms Of Protein Deficiency

Protein is present all through our body - in our muscles, skin, hair, bone and possibly every tissue.1 It forms the enzymes that boost chemical reactions2 and also make up the haemoglobin that carries oxygen in our blood. There are many proteins that make us what we are and continue to keep us running. Consume at least 1 gram of protein per day for per kilogram of body weight.3

Protein Deficiency In Indians

Despite our efforts to boost the protein content in our body, 9 in 10 Indians are at risk of Protein deficiency.4 Protein is one of the most misunderstood nutrients in our country with most Indians being unaware of their body's ideal protein needs.4 And in addition, many of us aren't conscious of the effects of protein deficiency.

Here are some symptoms of protein deficiency that you could be facing. Check yourself for these issues and ensure you take steps to address your protein intake for a better you.

Do You Feel Tired Most Of The Time?

Fatigue is one of the biggest symptoms of protein deficiency. When you feel tired all the time even though you're eating healthy food, chances are your body might be asking for more protein. Tiredness and Fatigue can be an outcome of poor muscle health. And post the age of 305, all adults experience muscle loss. Also, if you're always anxious or moody, having trouble sleeping, and feeling run-down, it could be that your body may be lacking the essential amino acids to function normally.

Noticing Edema On Your Hands, Feet Or Abdomen?

Protein helps to regulate the right fluid and electrolyte balance in our body. Not getting enough protein from our diet can result in an imbalance, causing fluid to accumulate in the tissues and cavities of our body. Swelling and edema usually occur in abdomen, hands and feet.6


Noticing Edema On Your Hands, Feet Or Abdomen?

Can You See Any Changes In Your Skin And Nails?

If your diet is lacking in protein, you will notice significant changes in your skin and nails. Protein helps in cell regeneration and produces new cells while replacing the dead ones. With a protein deficiency, your skin will become too light and burn easily in the sun. It can also cause cracking or dryness of the skin. Since protein also aids nail formation, a deficiency can result in brownish spots or white bands on your nails.7

Do You See Too Many Strands Of Hair On The Floor These Days?

If your hair is feeling dry and has started to fall out easily, it can be a sign of low protein intake. Since hair contains 90% protein, a deficiency can result in hair thinning and hair loss.

How To Boost Protein Intake?

It is important to consume sufficient amount of protein for a balanced diet and a healthy body. Animal sources of protein like meat and eggs contain various essential amino acids that our body requires. Vegetarian sources of protein like fruiL'S and vegetables, pulses and legumes, nuts and seeds may lack some essential amino acids required in our body. It's important to choose a protein package that contains healthy fats, all essential amino acids, beneficial fibre and less cholesterol.8

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Men below 70 years with an average body weight of 60kg9 need about 60g of protein per day. Women who are around 55kg will need 55g of protein on a daily basis. Pregnant women need about 23g extra proteins while lactating mothers need nearly 15-18g extra. Children need around 15-30g protein per day (1.6g/kg/d). Senior citizens10 can benefit by increasing their protein intake by 20 grams per day to maintain lean body mass and preserve body functions.

Whether you're a young adult, a 40+ man/woman or a senior citizen, a great way to increase your
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