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Don’t Like Eggs? Here Are Some Ways To Make Eggs Interesting
Don’t Like Eggs? Here Are Some Ways To Make Eggs Interesting

Don’t Like Eggs? Here Are Some Ways To Make Eggs Interesting

Eggs are often the most commonly known sources of Protein. Eggs are a solid diet staple as they are full of amino acids, iron, antioxidants and other nutrients. 1 medium egg delivers nearly 5.85 g1 of protein, making it an excellent investment for your health. If you don’t like eggs too much, there are various ways to make it interesting and get its health benefits without troubling your taste buds. 

To make eggs less boring and healthier, here are some suggestions-

Cook Your Eggs With Something Delicious

One of the main reasons that eggs are awesome is because they go well with other foods. Certain foods can make great egg containers or cups and impart a lot more flavour to your egg dish too. Think of bell peppers and onion rings, avocados, and bacon! You’ll get a lot more protein from these veggies and animal meat and your eggs will taste super yummy!

Build A Protein Power Couple 

Amino acids are versatile and can be paired with different forms of food to enhance their benefits. If you consume complementary proteins with eggs, you can get some additional flavours and a lot more nutrients in the right amounts. Try including some fruits in your breakfast along with your eggs. You can also eat some almonds along with eggs to get additional proteins. Oats are another healthy option, loaded with lots of fibres and proteins. You can also add them to your morning routine along with eggs. Consider a protein shake in the morning to add flavour and a load of protein. Shake with Horlicks Protein+* will give you the benefits of soy, whey and casein proteins. Milk and eggs make the best couple ever!

Build A Protein Power Couple

Add Eggs To Your Meals

Putting some egg in your sandwich can be a great idea to consume some delicious sandwich, packed with the goodness of eggs. You can add it to a cheesy spinach sandwich, make a chicken-egg sandwich or even make a roll and bake it to perfection. Other ways to consume eggs include adding it to your crepe, use it as a pizza topping, or consume it on top of lentils and sautéed greens.

Eggs And Salad

Scientists from Purdue University have discovered that an easy way to absorb more nutrients from your raw veggies is to put an egg on top. When you eat salad topped with egg, you get additional antioxidants, carotenoids and not to mention – proteins! The eggs help in making the veggies more available for absorption and the veggies make it tastier for non-egg lovers to get their daily intake of protein. A quinoa salad, made of black beans, quinoa, chopped onions, and cherry tomatoes can be complemented with an egg to make it delicious.

As we said, if you’re not very fond of eggs, you don’t need to worry. These amazing combinations of food will boost your protein intake and tantalise your taste buds too! 

*Horlicks Protein+ is a nourishing beverage to be consumed as a part of the regular diet.