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3 Things To Look For When You Choose Your Protein Drink

As you cross the age of 30, health and fitness become a priority. You are what you eat, and among the many things you do for your health, it's also time to assess your diet and check if you are getting adequate quantities of key nutrients.

Critical among these nutrients, is protein. Being an important component of muscles, enzymes and hormones, Protein is essential for health. It helps maintain muscle health and reduces fatigue. However, 9 out of 10 Indians have a protein deficient diet?1 So a Protein supplement may often be required to help one get adequate protein for the day. 

Here are 3 things to look for while choosing your protein drink. 

Quantity Of Protein

So how much Protein do you need? The Indian Council of Medical Research recommends 60g of Protein a day for men and 55 g of Protein for women respectively.2 Is your daily diet able to meet that? 

Optimal intake required for stimulating muscle protein synthesis is 14.4 g protein per serve for an Indian adult (60 Kg). Horlicks Protein Plus offers 16 g protein/ serve when consumed with 200 ml of cow's/buffalo's whole milk. 

Quality Of Protein 

Did you know 9 out of 10 experts recommend protein blends?3 Blends which have a mix of fast, intermediate and slow acting proteins help ensure a fast and prolonged release of amino acids. Single source proteins cannot achieve this. Horlicks Protein Plus has a mix of whey, casein and soy which helps release energy through the day.4,5,6,7

Sugar Content 

The World Health Organisation recommends reducing the intake of free sugars in every stage of life. In adults, this is important to control unhealthy weight gain and prevent secondary diseases.8 So if you are trying to cut down sugar across your diet, make sure you choose a protein drink with lower or no added sugar#. The Nutritional Factoid Table at the back of the pack will help you check the sugar# content of different protein drinks. 

Horlicks Protein Plus has just launched a No Added Sugar variant available in vanilla flavour.

So the next time you buy your Protein drink, keep these 3 things in mind and make
zero Compromise when choosing your protein drink. Here's to a fitter you!