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What Time Of The Day Is It Best To Take Protein
What Time Of The Day Is It Best To Take Protein

What Time Of The Day Is It Best To Take Protein

Did you know that how your food affects your body depends on when you eat it? For example, it has been documented that late lunch eaters have a delayed weight loss.1 In case of proteins, the different types of proteins have different effects on the body depending on the time of consumption. This is mainly because these proteins get absorbed, and thus used, by the body at different rates.Therefore, it is significant to know when and how you should consume your proteins through the day. Here is what you should know. 

When To Take Different Proteins

Before Workouts

The intake of protein before your workout session has shown to increase the growth of fat-free mass. It also helps in muscle growth or hypertrophy which is the growth of your cells due to increased workload. A study has shown that this requires accumulated protein, which you’ll get from pre-workout protein. To work out, you need to put in a lot of energy which one gets from protein as well.

Post Workout

After a hardcore workout, you feel pumped up, but your muscles require repair. According to a study, in which 48 men ingested varying amounts of protein from zero to 10 g, 20 g, and 40 g. The latter two showed positive effects of protein synthesis, the process of protein growth and repair.3 It has been seen that muscle protein synthesis is at its peak immediately after a workout, and reduces over time, intake of protein is important for accumulation. Whey is a fast digesting protein which would help in rapid muscle protein synthesis.

For Breakfast

A High protein breakfast does not only provide adequate nourishment but also keeps you full for a longer period of time. Therefore, a protein shake or eggs would be a good option.5

Before Bed

Our muscles grow and repair, even when we sleep. For that to happen, they require proteins to help in protein synthesis.6 Proteins like whey and casein have proved beneficial when taken before bed as they showed a boost in the hormone level which helped muscles to repair and grow.7

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How Different Proteins Work


Casein is the major component of protein found in bovine milk accounting for nearly 70-80% of its total protein and is responsible for the white colour of milk. Similar to whey, casein is a good quality protein containing all eight (8) essential amino acids and also contains the minerals calcium and phosphorus. Casein is high in amino acid glutamine.


Whey is one of the two major protein groups of bovine milk, accounting for 20% of the milk. It is considered as good quality protein in terms of availability of all the 8 essential amino acids needed by adults. The PDCAAS rating of whey protein is 1.0 which is the highest.9 Whey is also naturally rich in Leucine, an essential branched chain amino acid that is important for its role in the maintenance of tissue and prevention of catabolic actions during exercise.10


Soy is an intermediate release protein – it releases amino acids in the bloodstream faster than casein but not as fast as whey. It can be taken during breakfast and it provides energy throughout the day.

Individually these proteins give you either long-lasting or short-term benefits, but what if you could both? Horlicks Protein+ with a triple protein blend11 containing fast acting whey, intermediate acting soy protein and slow acting casein contains 34% protein. When consumed with 200 ml Cow’s or buffalo’s whole milk provides 16 g* protein per daily serve.12