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Adequate Protein
Adequate Protein

Adequate Protein Can Help Push Away Most Of Your Mid-Life Crisis

As you enter your 30s, the sense of growing up hits a bit harder, right? You feel more responsibilities and bigger desires coming your way while you begin losing a bit of that youthful energy you were once brimming with, even as you may feel yourself needing it the most Well, you can retain or regain quite a bit of that functional energy by just fulfilling the nutrient needs of your body, which are not the same as they were in your 20s. An alarming majority of 30-something-year-olds living fast-paced city lives is at risk of suffering from protein deficiencies.

Not paying heed to your body's needs is what ultimately leads to lower energy levels, increased tiredness and a sense of general weakness even after the most normal of days. These are the root causes behind your eventual lowered ability to perform tasks or indulge in activities to your heart's extent, but they're quite simple to nip in the bud.

You simply need to move around more and eat better. The fast-paced life in cities is ironically quite sedentary and even small physical activities like taking short walks (around your workplace while finishing those important calls) every now and then can make a big difference. A bigger difference can be made by consuming the right nutrients. Protein-rich foods and beverages should be your go-to edibles in your 30s.

However, with so much work and household responsibilities to juggle with, working out and eating intelligently often take a back seat. Here's how a Protein rich drink like Horlicks Protein+ can help. The Triple Blend of Whey, Casein, and Soy proteins in Horlicks Protein+ can help to support muscle mass and maintain strength over time, as part of a healthy lifestyle. Horlicks Protein+ also contains B Vitamins known to support energy release & Iron to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

So, be it embracing parenthood, the extra travelling that's come along with that promotion, taking care of that new house you've moved into, or just running around for longer with your dog - don't let fatigue come in the way of everything you wanted in your 30s.

Choose The Better Protein For A Better You

With no added sugar#, a daily serving of Horlicks Protein+ in a glass of milk5 (200ml) can provide 16g of protein.