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3rd Trimester: A Gratifying Ride
3rd Trimester: A Gratifying Ride

3rd Trimester: A Gratifying Ride

So far, so good, right? Reaching the final leg of your pregnancy term, we completely understand that now you wish to swiftly move to the next phase. Who wouldn’t be excited? Think about the good stuff coming your way. Like the baby shower, the presents, the blessings and most importantly, that moment when you will finally hold your baby – being closer than ever. You will cherish the entire journey because oh: it was so worth it!

The Baby’s Active

In the final leg of your pregnancy, the 3rd trimester, your baby will be expectedly moving a lot and the movements will become very obvious to you. As you transition from your 7th month to 8th, your baby will be 14 inches long and weigh around 1 kg, and it will respond to stimuli, including sound, pain, and light1; which means that if you sing a lullaby, your baby will actually hear you. Sweet, isn’t it? If your baby is doing well all this while, then congratulations, your diet worked! The balanced diet mantra of right food in the right amount, enriched with vital nutrients like Folic Acid, Choline and Protein helped improve your baby’s health.2 Do continue to follow for the next 3 months as well. And as we always say, ‘balance it right!’

Taking Notice

Taking Notice

This is the time when your visible bump will get you all the attention. You may plan a photo-shoot along with a baby shower. Your husband will be more caring than ever, giving in to your demands. Amidst these celebrations, you may notice few changes in your body that may leave you concerned. These include hair loss, limp and lifeless hair, hair growth on other parts of your body, such as your abdomen, face, or back. But be aware that this is totally normal and also temporary. A few months within the delivery, the hormones go back to normal and your hair growth gets back on track. So you just need to sit back, relax and bask in all the attention coming your way in this phase.

The Appropriate Support

Many expecting moms have questions related to the discomfort at their backs due to pregnancy hormones. But it is absolutely normal, so while you discuss for hours to find the perfect name you both agree on, you can ask your partner for a massage. Make sure you keep a heating pad or an ice pad handy.

The Due Date Jitters

We can totally understand your anxiety as you approach the due date. After all, it’s the end of an experience you have gotten used to and you have to be all set to embrace the role of motherhood now. But you know what, it happens to everyone and it gets better.

By the time you reach your delivery date, your body might have added almost a kilo of breast tissue to prepare your breasts for the lactation phase. So buying a few large sized bras much in advance would be an ideal solution. You will gain almost 10 to 12.5 kg before the delivery and might experience Braxton Hicks contractions in your 3rd trimester, which are nothing but unpredictable warm up contractions to prepare you for the time for delivery3. Do not be unnecessarily alarmed. However, if you feel persistently uncomfortable, do not hesitate in consulting your doctor.

Towards the end of 3rd trimester, your baby’s brain and nervous system’s development would be complete: which means coordination in its hand-eye reflexes and head’s movement.4 And before you know it, you will have a crying little bundle of joy, right in front of you. Honestly, we can’t wait for you to take on the role of a mom. You have taken care of both of you so well, with a proper intake of essential nutrients and a balanced diet, please do away with that self-doubt which keeps you anxious. You’ll be just fine, our dearest mommy-to-be!

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