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2nd Trimester of Pregnancy: Getting Comfortable With Pregnancy
2nd Trimester of Pregnancy: Getting Comfortable With Pregnancy

2nd Trimester:Getting Comfortable With Pregnancy

Congratulations on completing the first phase of your journey of motherhood. We hope that there weren’t any major hiccups in your 1st trimester and it went smoothly. From the 2nd trimester onwards, be assured that you will feel more relaxed and energetic, more like your previous self - so enter this phase with a big smile.

PS: You are surely going to get a lot of compliments for that glow!

Eat Right, Throughout!

We know we have already said it umpteen times, but stressing on eating right is important throughout your pregnancy. Entering your 2nd trimester, there will be a spurt of growth in your baby. The eyebrows, eyelashes, hair and nails will begin to form. The baby’s eyelids remain close, but the eyes will show movement. Your baby will also begin to respond to loud sounds.1 Exciting, right? But to support that, you will need to take a balanced diet containing adequate Protein and Calcium. Protein will help in the tissue development of the baby and in the repairing of your own muscles, whereas Calcium will take care of the baby’s growing bones and milk teeth.2 Apart from protein and calcium you will also need DHA, Choline and Folic Acid among other vital nutrients.3

So eat in the right quantity, eat the things you crave for but never forget the necessary nutrition that you and your baby need.

The recommended amount is to eat an extra 200 to 300 kcal a day and to gain about 450 g a week in the 2nd trimester.4

Feel Good, Feel Comfortable

Feel Good, Feel Comfortable

2nd trimester will give you ample opportunities to celebrate. And while there will be moments that will make you feel good, take a few steps to make yourself comfortable especially because of multiple changes your body is going through.

Your baby will be growing at a rapid speed and your back will constantly need support, so avoid lifting anything relatively heavy. Always try sitting up straight and sleeping sideways with a pillow in between the legs. Also, you will need some cushioning to support the growing breasts, so add a few sports bras to your cart already.

The First Kick

As you transition into your 2nd trimester, your baby will begin to form stronger muscles. You may sense the movement when the baby exercises them. Trust us, you will be treasure the memory of your baby moving inside and will react to every kick with the utmost affection. Not just this, it brings another good news - the 2nd trimester will give you relief from the frequent loo visits. It is because the uterus will start to move towards the birth canal and the bladder will bear less pressure.

Hiccups, Literally!

By the end of your 2nd trimester, your baby responds to sound by changing its pulse. You may sense the jerks when the baby hiccups.5 Many expecting mothers are concerned about the frequent constipation, occasional nose bleeds and the tiny red veins which appear on the stomach and skin, but there is nothing to worry about - these changes are natural and absolutely normal.6 You have just ensure you are having a balanced diet during pregnancy throughout. What will be most exciting is the fact that in 3 more months you will finally be holding your baby in your arms. Enjoy this time and all the best for the last leg.

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