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Did you know that 90% brain development happens by the age of 6? That’s why it is important to ensure your child is growing well especially during early years. Now for the first time in India, a study has been carried out among children, studying the milestones they cross over a period of 3 years.  This study has helped to develop a comprehensive list of cognitive milestones that are important in their growth journey.

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Growth Milestone Background
Growth Milestone Background

Communication Skills


We use our communication skills to express ourselves by either writing or speaking.  We also use them to understand messages directed towards us by others.

Motor Skills


Our motor skills are used to make large or small body movements using our muscles.

Socialisation Skills


Socialisation is the skill of interacting and communicating with others at playtime or at home.

Living Skills


Living skills are used to perform everyday activities, usually at home.

In the study, 9 out of 10 toddlers reach these cognitive milestones by the specified age. However, there may be cases of a variation in age when they do so. Failure to meet these milestones should not be considered as a delay in developmental milestones. However, if you are concerned about the onset of developmental delay in your child, please speak to your paediatrician.


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