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7 Character Traits That Are Signs Of A Well-Developing Pre-Schooler
7 Character Traits That Are Signs Of A Well-Developing Pre-Schooler

7 Character Traits That Are Signs Of A Well-Developing Pre-Schooler

It’s said, “the childhood shows the man, as the morning shows the day”? It’s truer than you might think. So, pre-school is not just a stepping stone for proper growth and development of the child but also critical for the establishment of various traits that will continue to be refined into young adulthood. These years of life will shape the cognitive, social, and emotional development, as well as the physical and mental health of the child.

So How Would I Know That My Child Is Developing Well?

This surely is something that every parent wonders. There are many signs that can tell you about your pre-schooler’s healthy development1:

Achieving Developmental Milestones

A simple yet important way of gauging a child’s development is by comparing their actions and activities with the standardised developmental milestones. If the child is doing everything that is expected from them at their age, for example a 3-year-old climbing stairs one foot after another, then he/she is developing well.  You can check the developmental milestones of your pre-schooler here.

Being Curious

Kids love to explore everything in their own way and a curious child would ask many questions about the same topic. This may be annoying for caregiver but a very good sign of child development. Moreover, a child’s curiosity should always be encouraged and handled with patience and logic.

Understanding Non-Verbal Communication:2

In the early years of their life, babies understand their mother’s love or instructions even without knowing the language. Kids who can understand the non-verbal communication of people around them excel in their development. Non-verbal communications have long lasting effects on how they listen, process information, behave and speak with people.

Interacting With Peers

A child who is always looking for reasons to interact with peers shows positive social and emotional development. An interactive pre-schooler easily learns to share, solve problems, and collaborate with peers.

Signs Of A Well-Developing Pre-Schooler


Creativity is not merely an artistic expression, but it involves a lot of imagination. A creative child shows signs of a well-developing brain that can think beyond cognitive abilities.


A child who is resourceful and tries to find solutions for his/her problem by incorporating past learnings and creative ways can be considered properly developing.

Correct Posture

If a child sits, stands and walks in correct posture, it suggests strong bones and muscle. Moreover, a good posture also suggests confidence and self-esteem.

All these traits indicate towards good physical, cognitive and social development of the child. Finding these in your pre-schooler can be joyful but that is not enough. Overall growth and development of the child are majorly dependent on specific factors including nutrition. It is not always possible to fulfil all the nutritional needs of your toddler through a regular diet. Take DHA for example. It’s an important structural component of the brain but is scarcely found in food sources. So, what do you do? Adding Junior Horlicks^ to your child’s diet could be of help here. It has important nutrients like DHA, Choline, Iron, Zinc etc. It also has 50% higher protein# and 23 vital nutrients3 which helps in healthy height and weight gain.

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