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Horlicks Classic Malt

Filled with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, Horlicks is a nourishing beverage  that helps support your child’s growth.

Horlicks Chocolate Delight

Horlicks Chocolate Delight now mixes instantly to give children the smoothest and chocolatiest Horlicks experience ever in a jiffy!

No lumps, stirring or hassle while making a glass of Chocolate Horlicks. Mix in milk instantly and make so many yummy treats like Chocolate shakes, smoothies and frozen desserts! Let the kids enjoy their glass of milk the way they want to and finish before you know it.

Horlicks Kesar Badam

Horlicks with Real Kesar Badam brings you a royal treat with real pieces of Kesar and Badam that turn milk into the yummy treat. Prepare a royally special glass of milk for your little king or queen and watch it disappear in no time. Horlicks Kesar Badam is sure to get every kid's taste buds excited!

Elaichi Flavour

The perfect drink to make your Child's day lovely and refreshing. The flavor of cardamom makes Horlicks irresistible and in no time your kid will gulp down the entire glass.