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High Quality Protein

High Quality Protein3

Horlicks Growth+ contains high quality protein known to help grow muscles leading to healthy weight gain for your child.

Growth Promoters

Growth Promoters4

Horlicks Growth+ provides all the key type II nutrients known as growth nutrients (Protein, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Sodium) which are known to support growth.

Balanced Catch up Growth

Balanced Catch Up Growth5^

Horlicks Growth+ is clinically proven to give balanced (healthy) catch-up on growth.

How was Horlicks Growth+ Clinically Proven?

Experts undertook a study to determine how a nutrient rich supplement drink affected children whose growth had fallen behind. Conducted by expert pediatricians, the results proved that Horlicks Growth+ can be trusted to improve the height and weight of those children who are behind recommended growth curves.

Horlicks Growth+ Clinically Proven