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3 Reasons Why Supplementing Your Child’s Diet Is A Must
3 Reasons Why Supplementing Your Child’s Diet Is A Must

3 Reasons Why Supplementing Your Child’s Diet Is A Must

While you do your best to maintain your child’s health by providing him/her a healthy diet, it may not be enough to support his/her growth. If this happens, your child might not grow normally. In this case, nutritious health drinks can be beneficial.
Health drinks are food products with ‘dietary ingredients’ for the purpose of adding further nutritional value to one’s diet. These ingredients could be anything - Vitamin, Mineral, Protein, Carbohydrates etc. Horlicks Growth+ is one such health drink that should be an important part of your child’s diet.

How Does Horlicks Growth+ Benefit Your Child?1

Health food drinks provide your child with additional nutrients that he/she might not be getting in adequate amounts through food. Horlicks Growth+ is designed by paediatricians# and serves as a healthy way of catching up on growth. Here is how it benefits your child:

1. Helps Muscle Growth: Horlicks Growth+ contains nearly two times more high-quality Protein$ which is known to contribute to muscle mass which helps in muscle growth. It is also clinically proven to support healthy weight gain.^

2. Helps Height Gain: It provides Growth Promoters@ like protein, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Sodium which are known to support healthy growth. Horlicks Growth+ as a part of daily diet can help in 3 times more growth in 90 days.*

3. No obesogenic effect: It is clinically proven formulation to help in a balanced/healthy catch-up of lost growth^. This implies that after 6 months of intervention, participants consuming the nutritional formula had a significant improvement in both height and weight without an increase in their BMI. 

Often our children’s dietary restrictions such as vegetarianism, or lactose intolerance keep them from getting certain nutrients. Fortified foods and drinks can play a big role here in providing them with these nutrients.2 Moreover, Horlicks Growth+ is perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

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