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The Science Behind Growth+ And How It Works For Your Child
The Science Behind Growth+ And How It Works For Your Child

The Science Behind Growth+ And How It Works For Your Child1

Surely, your child’s growth figures on the top of your priority list. You may be providing him/her with a healthy and nutritious diet, and ensuring he/she gets proper exercise. But what if your child is still not growing as well as he/she should be?

Sometimes, just the diet isn’t enough to fulfil your child’s increasing nutritional needs. According to paediatricians , 3-9 years of age is the most critical growth phase2 – if your child’s growth falls short of expectations within this period, it will become a matter of great concern for you. The good news is, you can help your child catch up on lost growth by including health food drinks to his/her daily diet.

How Do You Know Whether Your Child Is Growing Well ? 3

A tried and tested way to track your child’s growth is measuring his/her height, weight and checking whether both are proportionate. To ascertain healthy growth, you can look at using tools like the Horlicks Growth+ calculator. With this calculator, you can determine if your child’s growth is in line with standards developed by experts. By simply feeding in details of your child’s gender, age, height and weight, you get a measurable output in the form of a chart where your child’s growth parameters are compared with the average of that age group. The result also gives a percentile, in terms of growth, which your child falls in.

Often, parents focus on just the height or weight of their child, ignoring the actual indicator of a healthy body – the ratio of the two. This calculator solves this problem by furnishing a height to weight ratio, thus helping you understand exactly how well your child is growing - a balanced height to weight ratio being indicative of healthy growth. If you notice that the child is lagging behind, you can aid their development with health drinks such as Horlicks Growth+.

How Do You Know Whether Your Child Is Growing Well?

What Is Horlicks Growth+?

Horlicks Growth+ is a one-of-a-kind nutritional health drink which is a product of 15 years of intensive research done by experts and paediatricians. It has 30% more Growth Promoters@ and 2 times more high-quality protein$. Horlick Growth+ helps children between ages 3 to 9 lagging behind in growth.

How Does It Aid Your Child's Growth?

Growth Promoters is a combination of key nutrients such as Protein, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Sodium which is known to support growth. Horlicks Growth+ has high quality protein known to help grow muscles. The Whey Protein in Horlicks Growth+ is also a good quality protein that is known to be easily digested and absorbed quickly by your child’s body. Moreover, it also contains Amino Acid arginine, Vitamin A, C and D which supports immunity and promote healthy growth.

Often, your child’s regular diet doesn’t measure up in providing his/her body with adequate nourishment. Horlicks Growth+ be a big help here in helping children meet the nutritional needs.

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