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How To Supplement The Nutrients Your Child Is Not Getting
How To Supplement The Nutrients Your Child Is Not Getting

How To Supplement The Nutrients Your Child Is Not Getting

You might be providing your child with the same diet for the past few years. However, in their growing years, children’s nutritional needs change to support their growth. Providing children with the same diet can result in them missing out on certain essential nutrients. Moreover, dietary restrictions such as vegetarianism or lactose intolerance can keep your child from getting all the important nutrients.

So, let us tell you how you can supplement the nutrients your child isn’t getting:

Provide A Balanced Diet

Various studies point to the fact that a well-balanced diet featuring essential nutrients is one of the most important ways to promote healthy growth in children. It is imperative that children, in their growing years, meet their daily energy and nutrient needs such as:


Your child’s height and weight increase only when his/her bones grow. And an adequate intake of Calcium is very important for bone growth. It is recommended that a child receives at least 600 mg of Calcium in a day.1


Increasing muscle mass and blood volume means that your child needs a lot of Iron. It plays a pivotal role in muscle growth too.2

Proteins And Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building blocks of Proteins. They stimulate muscle Protein generation and hence, contribute to the growth of muscles.3

Vitamin D

It plays a key role in Calcium and Phosphate metabolism and hence, is an essential nutrient for bone health.4

Including dairy products like Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese, Spinach, Soybeans, Fish (Tuna and Salmon), Egg Yolks, Legumes, Leafy Green Vegetables in your kid’s diet – will help your child meet his/her Calcium, Protein, Vitamin D and Iron requirement.56

Adding Nutritional Supplements To Your Child’s Diet

It is important to note that your child’s daily nutritional intake may not always be adequate to cater to the dynamic needs of a growing body. This can be easily countered with health food drinks that you can include in your child’s regular diet.

Horlicks Growth+ is one such health drink that has most of the essential nutrients required to facilitate your child’s proper growth. It has 30% more Growth Promoters^ which is a combination of key nutrients such as Protein, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Sodium. These are known to support growth. It also has two times more high-quality protein$ known to help grow muscles for healthy weight gain. Horlicks Growth+ can help with 3 times more growth in 90 days.*

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