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Understanding Your Child's Growth Plates Is More Important Than You Think
Understanding Your Child's Growth Plates Is More Important Than You Think

Understanding Your Child's Growth Plates Is More Important Than You Think

You might be a careful and aware parent, and keep a close eye on your child’s growth - changes related to his/her muscles, bones, Body Mass Index (BMI) etc. But do you know about growth plates? Let us tell you.

What Are Growth Plates?1

In children and adolescents, growth plates are areas of developing tissue located near the end of long bones. Each long bone has at least two growth plates – one at each end. After the bone growth is completed, the growth plates close and are replaced by solid bone. The presence of a growth plate is how a child’s bone differs from that of an adult.

What Is The Role Of Growth Plates In Your Child’s Growth?

Growth plates determine the length and shape of your child’s bones. They increase in width during the growing years, thereby providing the bones with the strength and support to grow in length.2
Knowing about growth plates is also important as it can come handy in:

• Determining if the child’s chronological age matches his/her biological age3
• Ascertaining the growth rate of a child
• Establishing the time when girls are likely to hit puberty4
• Learning about the vulnerability of your child’s bones, and take steps to protect them from injuries and fractures

Role Of Nutrition In Maintaining Growth Plates5

Your child’s growth plates are made of soft tissue and therefore, are extremely vulnerable. Hence, it becomes important for you to strengthen them by providing your child with a healthy and nutritious diet. Ensure that your child is getting sufficient Calcium, Vitamin D, Proteins, Zinc, Iron, and Phosphorus by including food items like meat, dairy products and green vegetables in his/her diet.

However, sometimes the diet doesn’t provide enough nutrients to support your child’s growth. In many cases dietary restrictions such as allergies or vegetarianism also lead to lower intake of certain nutrients. Adding health drinks like Horlicks Growth+ to your child’s diet can help aid his/her growth. It has 30% more Growth Promoters^ and two times more high-quality protein$ that helps in 3 times growth in 90 days.* Moreover, Horlicks Growth+ contains arginine known to be a simulator of Growth Plate Activator#

The importance of understanding the role of growth plates in the healthy skeletal development of children and adolescents cannot be over-emphasised. Hence, it is imperative that you understand your child’s growth in its entirety.


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