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5 Quick Breakfast Recipes
5 Quick Breakfast Recipes

5 Quick Breakfast Recipes That Your Kids Will Love

Breakfast – the first meal of the day – has long been acknowledged as the most important meal of the day. Children who consume a balanced breakfast on a regular basis have been found to have favourable nutrient and micronutrient intakes. Playing a key role in children’s robust development, a healthy breakfast also positively affects their behaviour, cognition, and academic performance.

But getting your child to eat a healthy breakfast can be a difficult task. While on some days you may not have time to cook an elaborate breakfast, on other days, your kids get fussy and just refuse to eat.

Here, are some quick and tasty recipes that can solve your breakfast woes when you are pressed for time but want your kids to have a healthy meal:

Peanut Butter Toast With A Glass Of Milk

Simply toast two slices of brown bread and spread a spoonful of peanut butter on each slice. It’s just that simple! Serve this with a glass of milk, and you will have fulfilled your child’s nutrient requirements for the first half of the day with a lip-smacking snack!

Veggie Paneer Sandwich

Paneer is a favourite amongst young ones. Mash some paneer and add salt to it for taste. Spread this mix between two slices of bread, add some vegetables, and keep it in the sandwich maker for 2-3 minutes. Your kid will get fibre and carbohydrates from the bread, protein from the paneer and vitamins and minerals from vegetables – all of this in under 10 minutes.

Milk Supplements/Smoothies

Milk supplements or smoothies can be a quick way to include some important nutrients in your child’s breakfast. You can add fruits or malted products such as Horlicks to the milk to add taste and nutrition and enjoy watching your kids drink it merrily!

Egg Sandwich

Prepare an omelette or scramble some eggs. Put this on a bread slice and add some cheese. This sandwich can be prepared in just 5 minutes and is a powerhouse of protein and carbohydrates.

Chapati Rolls

The best thing about a roll is that it is easy to eat on the go and you can use a variety of ingredients to prepare the filling - veggies, fruits, chicken, peanut butter, and jam- which make it yummy and healthy. In about 10 minutes, you will have two nutrient-packed rolls ready to power your child through the day.

All the above recipes would be a great hit with your child because they are rich in flavour. They also provide your kids with all necessary nutrients, so you can rest easy! It is advisable to add a glass of milk to their daily breakfast. Milk is a wholesome food which is not only a rich source of calcium but also supplies the body with other nutrients. From strengthening bones and teeth to promoting oral health, milk does it all. What’s more, milk can be made tastier by adding malted milk supplements such as Horlicks.

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