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Is Your Child's Body Absorbing The Nutrients You're Giving

Is Your Child's Body Absorbing The Nutrients You're Giving?

Giving the best nutrition to your child is one of the major difficulties any mother can come across, whether it’s eating their greens or finishing a glass of milk. However, you can never be sure their body is absorbing all the nutrients even if your child finishes everything you give them.

What Is Bio-Availability?

Bio-Availability is the fraction of nutrients digested, absorbed and metabolised in the body. Simply put, only the bio-available portion has an active effect on the body.

Bio Availability

What Is Bio-Availability Important?

Here are the reasons why the bio-availability of nutrients is important2:

1. Every nutrient has different absorption characteristics and therefore, different bio-availability. So, it is important to choose forms that are more bio-available2.
2. Phytates (anti-nutrients in food) may not allow the absorption of consumed nutrients, making them unavailable in circulation.

Nutritional Absorption


How To Increase The Intake Of Bio-Available Nutrients?

It is important to ensure your child’s body receives the right amount of nutrients, as the food they consume daily may not always have bio-available nutrients. Try a health food drink like Horlicks* to go along with your child’s daily diet.

How Horlicks Helps

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