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How Do Parents Influence Their Child’s Eating Behavior?
How Do Parents Influence Their Child’s Eating Behavior?

How Do Parents Influence Their Child’s Eating Behavior?

Parents play a very important role in what their children eat. Right from the conception, the mother influences the kind of food the baby may show an inclination for. When they grow up, it’s up to the parents how they incorporate the important nutrients in their food while keeping their likes and dislikes in mind. Even their eating schedule is heavily influenced by when and how the parents are eating. Things like having regular meals and snacks, eating dinner together etc. inculcates good eating habits in the kids. So, if parents have so much effect on the child’s eating habits, how can you make the best of it? Let us see the knowhow to building a child’s nutritional needs:1

Building A Healthy Range Of Growing Weight And Healthy Food Habits2

Paediatric obesity is a matter of growing concern, where most parents are in denial about the excessive weight gain in their child. They often attribute the child’s weight to baby fat and ignore the effect it might have on the child later in life. The first step to managing weight gain in children is for parents to be aware of the health-related issues correlating paediatric obesity such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and eventually adult obesity. Thus, the need of the hour is to promote healthy diet and to be informed of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of nutritional balance in their meals.

Early Childhood Intervention Creating Good Body Images Amongst Young Children And Promoting Healthy Eating3

Parental modelling is a great way to teach healthy eating habits but parental feeding is a matter of grey area. Parents usually believe in feeding children to ensure a full stomach. This leads children to put full stomach before the importance of nutrition and portion control. Also, the generic idea of body image is not just limited to how a child looks physically (shape and weight), but also their emotional wellbeing, which requires as much care and attention as the physical wellbeing.

Promoting Health And Happiness In Children And Mitigating Stress Eating4

If parents are mindful, the motivation to change a health-related behaviour from a concern point of view to making necessary changes to mitigate those issues are considered well within range. School going children are not only under stress from exams, education and peer pressure but also by how others see them. Talk to your child can build positive communication, happiness and satisfaction which can result in better and healthier life choices by them.

Healthy eating begins at home and children imbibe what they see and so as parents you need to empower yourselves with better information on nutrition and also talk to the kids about it.

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