The Right Nutrients For Your Child’s Growth.

The Right Nutrients For Your Child’s Growth.

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During the growth years, your child’s development depends upon the right nutrition. By providing them with a balanced diet packed with all the necessary nutrients, you can provide them with a solid foundation for an active and healthy life

Given how nutrition plays such an important role in your child’s life, serving them a hearty meal that is rich in nutrients is vital

Here’s a list of all the nutrients that your child needs, along with a list of suggested foods to fulfil your child’s dietary needs:

Protein Rich Food

1. Carbohydrates

Young bodies need extra energy, and carbohydrates are the most significant sources of energy in our food. While you try to cut down on carbs, apply the opposite strategy for your child’s diet. Carbohydrates provide your child’s body with the fuel that it needs to grow. Incorporate whole grains into your child’s diet in the form of chapatis, rice, millets, and at the same time limit the number of refined grains in the form of bread or pasta. Energy-dense foods such as nuts and fruits such as a banana with breakfast are good sources of carbs. You can also add vegetables such as potatoes and sweet potatoes to your child’s meal plan.

2. Proteins

Proteins are vital for developing muscles, skin, bones, and other organs of the body. Eggs, meat, fish, and dairy products in your child’s diet are steady sources of protein. However, in the case of vegetarian households, the addition of plant-based protein in the form of lentils, broccoli, tofu, soy, chickpeas, chia seeds, oats, and peanut butter are suitable substitutes for meat-based proteins.

3. Fats

To ensure that your child’s body is growing just as it should, you must also provide them with adequate amounts of good fats. Fats are not the enemies they are made out to be; they are a vital part of a healthy, balanced diet. They are also a rich source of energy. Being said that, excess of anything – even the good stuff – can be harmful, and therefore it is essential to strike a balance. Add heart-healthy oils, ghee, meat, avocados, and fatty fish to your child’s diet to fulfil their daily fat requirements.

4. Essential Vitamins

Vitamins are micronutrients essential for the proper growth and functioning of a child’s body. They also strengthen the immune system. A fun way to incorporate various vitamins into a child’s diet is by way of “eating the rainbow”, which means adding colourful fruits and vegetables to one’s diet.

  • Dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, etc., are rich in vitamins A and K1, dietary fibres, and folate.
  • Red vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries, etc., are again rich in vitamins A and are packed with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables such as carrots, oranges, lemons, pumpkins are rich in vitamins C and A.
  • Additionally, vitamin B6 can be obtained from vegetables such as beetroots, mushrooms, cauliflowers, garlic, and onions. 

5. Calcium

Calcium aids bone development and is crucial for carrying out several bodily functions. Add dairy products in the form of milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc. Fatty fish and fish oils, mushrooms, and egg yolks are all excellent sources of calcium. It can also be found in green leafy vegetables.

6. Dietary Fibres

Adding dietary fibres to your child’s diet has long-term benefits. They promote the feeling of being full and are known to prevent chronic illnesses such as diabetes in the future. Moreover, adequate dietary fibres in the diet also keep the digestive tract healthy and functioning normally. It also prevents tummy issues such as constipation. You can add some fibre-rich foods to your child’s diet, such as oats, apples, bananas, mixed berries, green peas, green leafy vegetables, etc. As a daily practice, adding raw veggies to your kid’s meals and encouraging them to have a portion of salad with every meal will go a long way into creating a healthy habit for them even after they grow up.

Flavoured Health Drinks for Kids

If Your Child Is A Picky Eater, Adding A Delicious And Nourishing Health Drink Into Their Everyday Routine Is A Nice Way To Ensure That They Get Balanced Nutrition.

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In addition to providing a healthy and balanced diet to your children, it is essential to keep the following in mind too:
  • Kids get tempted to eat junk food, and your child might also demand junk food now and then. It is okay to indulge their whims and fancies at times, but it is also equally important to draw a clear line and say no. The key is to strike the right balance.
  • Encourage your child to play outdoors so that they get plenty of physical exercises. Take them cycling, swimming, or to the park to spend some time playing in the jungle gym, running around with other kids – anything that your child enjoys. Regular exercise will also boost their immunity and enable them to develop healthy habits for a healthy future.
  • Sleep is a restorative process that also plays an essential role in strengthening your child’s immune system. Lack of proper and adequate sleep can make your child susceptible to infections and hamper their growth and development. It is, therefore, essential to maintain and teach healthy sleeping habits.


Every child is different, and so is every child’s pace of growth. All you can do is provide them with plenty of nutrition to sustain their growth and development, and marvel as they mature into young people with distinct personalities and personalities.

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