Risk on Entering your 30s?

Bones that form the framework of our body are constantly regenerating, with bits of old bone getting removed and substituted by new bone.

During childhood and adolescence, bone synthesis is faster than bone breakdown, which causes the skeleton to grow both in size and density,resulting in an overall increase in bone mass. However, this renewal process declines sharply after the age of 30.

Bone is a meshwork of minerals, mostly calcium and phosphorus. In women past their 20s, the rate of mineral absorption and bone renewal is slow compared to bone degeneration, leading to low bone mass density and fragile bones.

The risk of developing osteoporosis — a condition associated with low bone mass density and fragile bones — depends on the bone mass density you attain by the age of 30 and the bone mass degeneration rate after that. Higher your peak bone mass, lesser the risk of developing osteoporosis as you age.

So, while youth is the best time to invest in bone health, 30s is the time to pay special attention to micronutrient intake5,6.