Brain Development

Did you know 90% of your child’s brain development takes place by age 6^!

We all know DHA is an important part of this development, but what does it actually do? 

DHA is a major building block of the brain which is found in high levels in the brain and eyes. It is an important polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that the body needs to function. They are also a source of energy, can be anti-inflammatory, and support a child’s development. To support your child’s brain development and function, an adequate daily intake of the DHA should be included in a balanced diet. 

The challenge lies in the fact, that DHA is not available in most natural foods or most health food drinks. Oily cold water fish and seafood are rich natural sources of DHA, plant sources contain little or no DHA. It can be challenging for picky eaters and vegetarians to get their adequate daily intake of DHA from diet alone. 

You may consider a diet supplement for your child to ensure they get the DHA they need to support their brain development and function.

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