Healthy Immune Function

Friendly bacteria present in the intestines improve immunity. Human gut is
home to about 10 good bacteria, which help maintain healthy immune function7,8
of our body. Good bacteria present in the human intestines provide protection
against disease causing microorganisms 

  • By not allowing them to multiply and grow in number
  • By consuming their share of nutrition (nutrient competition)
  • By production of factors that fight these microorganisms

Unhealthy food choices can affect immunity adversely

  • 7 in 10 adults in India consume unhealthy snacks everyday9
  • Foods high in fat and sugar can adversely affect the number of good bacteria
    in the intestines10
  • Junk food can adversely alter the number of good bacteria in the intestines
    within 24 hours11

A balanced diet rich in micronutrients can provide a healthy environment for
growth and proliferation of good bacteria in the intestines (gut flora)8.

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