Facts Why Junior Horlicks
First few years of life are critical in shaping the physical and mental development of the child.  Junior Horlicks provides optimal nourishment/nutrition during active nursery going years.
Children need a diet with higher nutrient density than that of an adult. For example, children require double the iron (per kg body weight) compared to adults  Junior Horlicks provides tailor made nutrition for toddlers (2-3 years) and active nursery going children (4-6 years) respectively.
Children have low gastric capacity and may not be adequately nourished if they consume high-bulk, low-nutrient foods  Junior Horlicks comes with nourishing malted food drink combines the nutritional qualities of milk, malted barley and wheat in an easy-to-prepare form. It provides carbohydrates, fats and protein, and 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including DHA (in stage I) and 22 essential vitamins and minerals in stage II.