Is My Child At Risk

Micronutrient deficiencies are often invisible

Micronutrient deficiencies, otherwise known as Hidden Hunger, are often invisible and can strike seemingly well-fed children. Your child may appear healthy but suffer negative impacts on health and well being. For example, they may be stunted, have poor night vision, suffer frequently from illness.

Some signs you could spot

Some other warning signs you could spot are loss of appetite, lethargy, and breathlessness, often associated with Iron deficiency.1

Take the Nutrimeter test

A recent study of 634 Bangalore schoolchildren, from various socio-economic classes, found that up to 95% could be at risk of inadequate micronutrient intake. Take the Horlicks Nutri-Meter test to assess if your child could be one of them. You can also use this tool ongoing to keep a close watch on your child’s daily nutritional needs and adjust their diets accordingly.

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