Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Toddler Brain Development Milestone Questionnaire

By participating in the toddler brain development questionnaire (“Questionnaire”) brought to you by Unilever Limited(“UNILEVER”), available on https://www.horlicks.in/junior.html (“Website”), you hereby agree: 

1.     That you have read the terms and conditions of the Questionnaire carefully before proceeding.

2.     By using the Website, you signify your agreement and acceptance with the terms and conditions of the Questionnaire and the terms of use of the Website available at :- https://www.unilever.com/legal.html and the privacy policy of the Website available at:-https://www.unilevernotices.com/india/english/privacy-notice/notice.html.

3.     Participation in the Questionnaire is purely optional and voluntary.

4.     Please follow the instructions provided on the Website.

5.     Answer the questions in the Questionnaire to the best of your knowledge, UNILEVER shall not be responsible to verify or confirm the answers provided by you.

6.     Upon successfully answering all the questions in the Questionnaire, a digital report shall be autogenerated basis the answers submitted by you.

7.     The report will depict indicative levels of communication skills, motor skills, socialization skills, living skills of your child.

8.     Please ensure that the report is verified by your existing medical practitioner at your own sole cost and expense.

9.     The report does not depict the true nature of your child’s skill and/or brain and UNILEVER cannot verify or confirm the outcome of the report and the report.

10.   You acknowledge that the report cannot be solely used as the basis for any medical diagnosis and/or determining any medical condition.