Supplementing Child's Diet


1. School of Development and Learning, Faculty of Education, A35, Education Building, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia


# Experts refers to the investigators who conducted and reviewed the clinical study. [Refer annexure 13 which confirms that the experts were paediatricians]

$ 83% more vs Leading Paediatrician recommended health drink, CMARC CPR (India) Nov 2015 to Feb 2016

^ With 96 grams a day for 6 months vs an unfortified beverage.

Clinically proven to help pre-pubertal children [boys (3-9 yrs) & girls (3-8 yrs) who are lagging behind in growth (height & weight) by shifting up their growth curve in 6 months. Will be beneficial only when there is good compliance to consumption. May be marketed to healthy lean & short children who may be fussy eaters. It is a nourishing beverage to be taken as a part of balanced diet.

@ Growth promoters is a creative rendition of function of nutrients for growth.

* Refers to linear growth. Statistically significant difference in change in height SDS between groups after 3 months in consumers with good compliance to consumption (post hoc analysis of study results published in J Pediatr December 2014:165:1190-3). Growth+ is a nourishing beverage to be taken as a part of daily diet.